Saturday, September 5, 2009

Alabama Notary Public Conference

Well, it's official! On last Friday, I received a letter from the Alabama Secretary of State office notifying me of an upcoming Notary Public Conference on Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 9:00 a.m., in Montgomery, AL at the State Capitol. Hundreds, if not thousands, of letters were sent to other Alabama Notaries with active commissions.

Since that time I have been doing everything I can to get the word out to my fellow notaries in Northern Alabama. I am posting information on various notary networking websites. I have put the word out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This coming week I will send PSA's to local radio and television statioins. Why? Two reasons.

First, I want to make sure that every Alabama Notary is aware that a Conference has been scheduled, and has every opportunity to attend. I became a notary in 2005 and was shocked to learn that there was no handbook (or if there was one it was outdated and no longer available), and more importantly there was no required notary training. That means a new notary had to endure "on the job training," or seek out training on his or her own. As for me I signed up for no less than five online notary training courses, and one training course conducted here in Huntsville. Next month's Notary Conference in Montgomery will include information regarding "state notary laws and standards of reasonable care for every notary act...".

Second, I want Northern Alabama represented at that Conference. However, Montgomery is 191 miles from Huntsville. That's about a three hour drive for a 3 1/2 hour meeting. That distance is enough to discourage some well-intentioned notaries from making the the drive there and back. A group of us is looking into chartering a bus from Huntsville to Montgomery (with a possible stop in Birmingham). Seats are limited, so if you are interested contact me immediately.

I am thrilled that Alabama's Secretary of State office has made its Notaries Public a priority for 2009. We have questions. They have the answers.

If you are an Alabama Notary public, or know someone who is, make sure he or she is aware of next month's meeting. If you are an Alabama employer and some of your employees are notaries, you should encourage them to attend. For more information about the Conference, contact Alabama's Secretary of State office. For information about group travel, via a charter bus, to the Conference, contact me at Huntsville Mobile Notary.

I hope to see you in Montgomery on October 1st!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome job! You are the first notary I calling for a closing in Huntsville. Keep up the good work!